TV MR GE started delivering peoplemeter data in January 2005 with 150 households in Tbilisi.
By 1 July 2005 the panel had grown to 300 households nationally, with 180 households in Tbilisi and 120 in 6 major cities with population 45.000+.

The next panel expansion occured in January 2011 with the total now up to 330 households natioanlly and today the panel represents 190 households in Tbilisi and 140 in 6 major cities with a poulation of 45.000+.

The first international Audit was conducted by Dr. Ugur Cagli in August 2005, which concluded that: “…the Georgian TAM, conducted by AGB Georgia with the collaboration of other local research partners and bodies is fully satisfactory by the internationally accepted standards of research and therefore valid.”

The last independent international audit was conducted by the UK based auditor Helen Harrison & Company, in February-May 2013. The auditor confirmed that the methodology used by TV MR GE complies with recognized international best practice in accordance with GGTAM (Global Guidelines for Television Audience Measurement) guidelines and that TV MR GE carries out TAM (Television Audience Measurement)service with the declared international methodology.

TAM Overview

Population of Georgia:


Panel Size:

330 households

First data production:

January 1, 2005

The Panel


Peoplemeters installed:



1.593.838 (individuals aged 4+ representing urban population)

Data monitored:

Terrestrial, cable, digital and VCR viewing

Data retrieval via:

Telephone lines, GPRS

TV Stations measured:

Channel 1, Channel 2, Comedy Channel, GDS TV, Imedi, Kavkasia, Maestro, Music Box, Rustavi 2, TV3, TV11, Tabula TV.

Products and Services



Programs & Breaks, Spots

Software Packages:



Consultancy, special reports and trainings

Data delivery:




TV Stations:

Comedy Channel, GDS TV, Georgian Public Broadcaster, Imedi, Kavkasia, Maestro, Music Box, Rustavi 2, TV3, TV11, Tabula TV.

Advertising Agencies and Media Buyers:

AD Corporation, Better Fly, Creator, Delta Media, Georgia Media Exchange, Havas Media Georgia, Inter Media, Magi Style Media, MCA Georgia, Media Port, Panorama, Pro Media, Publicis Hepta, Sky Georgia, Spot Media, TBC-TV, TV International, TV Line, UM Georgia.


Parliament of Georgia


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