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AdFinder is a new AGB Nielsen Media Research proprietary software developed to control the positioning of advertising inside the television events and calculate the percentage of advertising.

It has been designed as an agile tool for the channels which can find out all changes in its advertising planning as well as any violations of laws in force.

This software has been fully developed in a 32-bit environment and can be used in LAN or stand-alone workstations and runs with all Microsoft Windows systems: 9.x, NT, 2000 and XP.

The database of this software is weekly updated via FTP on the Internet.
All reports can be exported to an HTML page or to Microsoft Excel™.

AdFinder contains various analysis modules:

Advertising Positioning

This module allows to have under control some variables as the number of the advertising breaks, the gap between a break and the following one, all spots out of the break.

Available filters:
• Channels
• Period
• Time Band

Clicking on a record of any report generated from a positioning analysis it is possible to enter all the scheduled information concerning the selected event.

Moreover, it is feasible to generate summary grids or charts which can be immediately exported to any Microsoft Office™ application software.

Advertising Percentage

1. Advertising percentage
2. Advertising excess
3. Analysis by commercial time band

This module allows to keep under control how much time is advertising-dedicated in different time bands.

 Available filters:
• Channel
• Type of advertising
• Month
• Commercial time band (for the related analysis module only)
• Target (for the advertising percentage analysis only)

Event Scheduling

It includes the whole television planning of all channels, covering events, sponsorship and spots.

Available filters:
• Channel
• Start and End date of the Period under analysis
• Start and End hour of the Time Band
• Type of Events to be included in the event scheduling

Analysis under UPA/ASSOCOMUNICAZIONE agreements

1. Break starting with a promo
2. Promo in breaks including more than 3 spots
3. Planning of spots in competition
4. Break duration and relevant number of spots

Available filters:
• Channel
• Start and End date of the Period under Analysis

The unabridged edition of the above mentioned agreements with the media sellers (SIPRA, PUBLITALIA `80, HMC) can be referred to by clicking on HELP of this application software.