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TeleMovie is a software developed to enter and consult AGB Nielsen Media Research movie database. This efficacious tool enables, in few minutes, to know any information on movies broadcast by the 7 national stations and networks (RAI 1, RAI 2, RAI 3, CANALE 5, ITALIA 1, RETE 4, La7) from 1992 up today.

The database is weekly updated via FTP on the Internet and becomes richer and richer with new information.
Analysis can be run with reference to the whole day (02:00-25.59) or to Auditel standard bands.
The presently available target is "INDIVIDUALS WITH GUESTS", but soon all macrotargets included in the Auditel standard data will be added as well.

The TeleMovie flexible intuitive interface will allow the user to get all information he wishes: director, original title, studios, event programming and audience…through a very simple query and a wide range of filters.

Research Filters  

Type of day
Time band
Type of programme

Country of origin


Original title
Italian title
Production year
Distribution year


The above mentioned filters allow to retrieve all titles of movies on air on a national station or a private commercial network as well as to analyse the trend of a movie audience during the various showings (première or re-runs), to filter by actor, director, producer or distributor, to select genres or countries of origin…

The results of the query can be organized in a report in a grid or chart format, which can be exported to Microsoft Excel™ or to an HTML page.
The software package is a Visual Basic 6 application running in a 32-bit environment and is compatible with the following Windows systems: 95, 98, NT and 2000.