Standard Reference

AGB Nielsen Media Research (AGBNielsen) is a worldwide company which conducts TV Audience Measurement (TAM) in 10 cities in Indonesia as part of AGBNielsen global survey in more than 30 countries around the world. AGBNielsen is a joint venture company of two recognized TV Research companies in the world. They are AGB Group (operating in more than 30 countries) and Nielsen (operating in more than 70 countries). Its headquarter office is in Europe (Switzerland and Italy). In Indonesia, AGBNielsen is the fourth TAM operator after SRI (Survey Research Indonesia), ACNielsen, and Nielsen Media Research.

In conducting TAM, all operating countries have to refer to globally “Global Guidelines for Television Audience Measurement” (GGTAM) made by Audience Research Method (ARM) Group and sponsored by EBU (European Broadcasting Union), and other institutions, such as ARF (Advertising Research Foundation), ESOMAR (European Society for Opinion & Marketing Research) and WFA (World Federations of Advertisers). The last document was published in 1999, and updating every decade. Referring to GGTAM, AGBNielsen not only operates by recent standardization, but also adapts technological implementation, either for hardware (metering technology) or software (software production and analysis), with TV environment in each country. The factors affect the TV environment, for example, are digital based broadcast, Pay TV (satellite or cable) and telecommunication infrastructure for data transferring.

In practice, TAM is not only about research methodology which base on international standard in GGTAM, but also about the dynamic changes in technology in every two years. Apart from that, the result on production & delivery process must also have the same analysis standard in every country as it is impossible for advertisers whose products are marketed in some countries to evaluate its TV commercial effectiveness through many benchmarks or currencies.

With its methodology referred to global standard, the system that is used by AGBNielsen is the result of many years of accumulated relevant experiences, researches and developments together with the ability to evolve with the changes in TV and research technology and the users’ needs of the TAM systems.