Our Services

These are the IBOPE AGB México main products that we offer to our clients and the communication industry:

  • Television Audience Measurement (TAM) - TV ratings, these services provides you with a full detail report of the behavior and exposition habits of Mexico’s viewers. It enables you to study information minute by minute, or by program, accessing the wide array of special analyses offered by our software.
  • Advertising Expenditure (ADSPEND) - Advertising investment and media monitoring for TV, radio, press and magazines.
  • Radio Audience Measurement (RAM) - Radio ratings.
  • Audience Measurement and Evaluation of Out of Home Media (OUTDOORS).
  • Target Group Index (TGI) - Is a study of products and brand consumption; media exposure, life stiles and attitudes.
  • CONSULTING – Integration of IBOPE AGB media audiences and advertising expenditure data and expertise in order to prepare integrated consultancies.
  • Media & Software Training (MST) - Several training on IBOPE AGB tools and software for media research.
  • TOOLS - An IBOPE AGB suite of software and technology used for exploitation and consultancy of different databases.