AGB Nielsen Media Research Group Coverage


With more than 55,000 peoplemeter panel households installed in 30+ countries around the globe, AGB Nielsen Media Research currently manages more TAM panes households, than any other international provider. 



AGB Nielsen Media Research has licensed its complete proprietary TAM service in a further 4 countries; Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia and Moldova.  Our Corporate Support Centre carries out regular data audits to ensure that the data offered in these countries meets our international data quality standards.     


Further more we are able to leverage our technology and TAM know-how across the further 15 TAM operations which have been established and are managed by our parent companies.  These parent owned operations cover important markets including the US, Canada, Finland, India and an extensive Latin American footpath.  In some of these countries, we are already leveraging our technologies.  For example Nielsen Media Research has licensed Arianna, our proprietary analysis software, as their chosen analysis software for distribution to their US clients.