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  • One or more event scheduling like a certain one actually under analysis did exist in the past?
  • What audience could get a certain programme considering the past case-history?
  • What type of programme mostly packs in the audience if compared with the counterscheduling?

These are only some of questions TeleMatch can answer, being the new software developed by AGB Nielsen Media Research to locate in the past the "day" more similar to a possible event scheduling held as a comparison parameter.

This hypothesis based on the television offer of the seven national stations/networks in a certain time band is compared with the real broadcasting of the same channels in the period under examination.

The choice of the days will be effected on the basis of on a similarity index defined by crossing the weight of the channel, type of comparison and weight of the typology.

Available Filters
Public Stations and Commercial Networks:
RAI 1, RAI 2, RAI 3, RETE 4, CANALE 5, ITALIA 1, La 7.

Time Bands
At present TeleMatch analyses the Prime Time.

Total Individuals + Guests.

AGB Nielsen Media Research typologies are applied with the same three-level structure used in TeleMonitor.
Anyway the user can create a his own event database though respecting the structure told by the software.

Weekly update and distribution via FTP on the Internet.

All the reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel™.

Download TeleMatch brochure (.pdf) click here