Time Shift Viewing

Regional TAM’s current service is a live, in-home television viewing ratings service.

From December 27th 2009, Regional TAM will evolve to allow full measurement of all HD and SD television receivers, as well as introducing PVR measurement synchronous to the introduction in metropolitan Australia.

Like our metropolitan colleagues, Regional TAM has been working in partnership with research provider AGB Nielsen Media Research to deliver these service enhancements.

This means moving to a service where live, as live and time shift viewing will be measured and reported The growth in the penetration and use of PVRs is a key driver to this service enhancement as importantly, a PVR also allows for ‘shifting’ viewing using the pause and/or record functionality.

The attached documents are designed to provide you with the relevant information you may need to assist in better understanding these evolutionary developments.

Time Shift Viewing Questions and Answers

Time Shift Viewing Terms and Definitions

Survey Calendar with Quarter Hour Weekly TSV Release Dates

Survey Calendar with Quarter Hour Survey TSV Release Dates


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