The Authority for the Guarantees in Telecommunications is an independent Body established by the law 249 of 31st July 1997.

As the other Authorities included in the Italian system, AGCOM answers for its activity to the Parliament which has set out its powers, its by-laws and has appointed its members. The Italian law-maker has decided to assign a unique institution the regulation and vigilance of telecommunications, radio and television media and publishing. First of all AGCOM acts as a Controller: in fact it has the dual task to assure the fair competition among the market players and safeguard the fundamental free consumptions of the population. Therefore, it guarantees:


  • the deregulation of telecommunications, regulation, vigilance and settlement of disputes;
  • the rationalization of human resources working in the radio and television field;
  • the application of the anti-trust rules in communications and control of possible dominant positions;
  • the management of a Unique Register of the Communications Companies;
  • the protection of the copyright in the computer, radio and television sectors entrusted to a proper anti-piracy Unit working with the Authority.

The USERS through:

  • the quality control and the supervision of the distribution system of services and products, advertising included;
  • the resolution of controversies between media sellers and users;
  • the regulation of telecommunications services and the arrangement of rules in defence of destitute categories;
  • the safeguarding of the social political and economical pluralism in the radio and television sector.

AGB Nielsen Media Research has been the official provider of the Authority since 2000 supplying it with the data concerning the advertising percentage, the advertising excess and the break positioning.

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