TAM Overview


23,172,000 (source ABS 2013), Nielsen TAM population 22,326,200

Panel Size:

Panel Size: The OzTAM panel has 3,500 homes across five metropolitan markets. (Sydney 950, Melbourne 900, Brisbane 650, Adelaide and Perth 500).

The Regional TAM panel has 2,135 homes across the four east coast aggregate markets (Queensland 535, Northern NSW 475, Southern NSW 380, Victoria 435), Regional WA 120 and Tasmania 190.   

The National Subscription TV panel is comprised of 1,413 subscription TV homes across both metropolitan and regional areas.

First data production:

January 2001 (Metro), January 2003 (Regional), August 2003 (Subscription TV) and January 2007 (Regional WA)

Daily Data Release:

Nielsen TAM produces five audience databases, 365 days per year on behalf of both OzTAM and Regional TAM.

Time Shift Viewing:

At the start of the 2010 ratings year Nielsen TAM commenced measuring Time Shift Viewing for both the OzTAM and Regional TAM services.

The Panel


Peoplemeters installed:

10,800 metered TV sets.

Data monitored:

Terrestrial, cable, satellite

Data retrieval via:

Telephony (fixed line and GSM)

Products and Services


Elemental audience database and Programs only database

Software Packages:

Arianna incorporating Viewing Behaviour, Post Analysis and Competitive TV expenditure modules.

Data delivery:

Digital download via internet daily.