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TeleMove is a new tool developed by AGB Nielsen Media Research to analyse the television audience data.

TeleMove allows the evaluation of the impact of one or more events on the audience of a certain channel by removing them from the event scheduling.

This software will calculate the audience of that time band again taking into consideration the minutes eliminated taking off those events.

Therefore it is possible to analyse the viewing of a channel in a certain selected period through the simulation of different scenarios of event scheduling.

Available Filters

National Stations and Commercial Networks

RAI 1, RAI 2, RAI 3, RETE 4, CANALE 5, ITALIA 1, LA 7.

Time Bands

It is possibile to analyse the full day or each Auditel time bands.


All the macrotargets of Auditel standard are available.


AGB Nielsen Media Research typologies are used. Anyway the user can create a his own event database though respecting the structure told by the software.


Weekly update and distribution via FTP on the Internet.


All the reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel™.

TeleMove is fully developed in a 32-bit environment and is compatible with all Windows™ systems: 98, NT, 2000 and XP.