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Event Database

Event DataBase

  • Event
  • Break
  • Promos (self-advertising) - Payoff - Announcements

Information Monitored

  • Date
  • Channel
  • Start hour
  • End hour
  • Duration
  • Type
  • Level

Types and Levels

Type of Event

  • Simple: event with a payoff at the beginning and at the end or a logo identifying a part of it
  • Container: an event including lives from studio (Partial) and/or Simple events
  • Partial: usually lives from studio inside a Container
  • Net: sum of Partial events or Simple events (Net2) inside a Container

Event Identification

  • Description (title)
  • Completion (secondary description)

The completion has a different value according to the Type of Event or, if it belongs to a certain genre, it will be…

  • the Title of the episode for the Fiction
  • the Title of the movie for the Movie Series
  • the Title of the event to which the break is linked for the Advertising (event going to start or inside which the break is broadcast)
  • the Title of the event advertised for the Promos
  • the Teams playing for a Football Match
  • the advertised Product for the Sponsorship

Event Level

The "Advertisig Event" database in TeleMonitor has a multilevel organization.
The Level 1 includes all the Events not set in a Container.
The Events included in a Container (Simple, Partial, Net, Break) are classified at the Level 2.
TeleMonitor is designed to show the events of both levels.

Television Genres
A television genre is associated to each event under AGB classification

  • Typology of the event (9 Genres, 40 Subgenres)
  • Ad-hoc categories for Sports and Movies