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Philippine’s first overnight nationwide urban TAM service launched

26/10/2006  -  Philippines

Formal launch of the country’s first nationwide urban TAM service (NUTAM) and Metropolitan cities (MCTAM) TV ratings service.

AGB Nielsen Media Research Philippines formally launched the country's first nationwide urban television audience measurement service (NUTAM) on 26th Oct 2006. NUTAM is an expansion of the current AGB Nielsen Media Research Metro Manila panel and provides clients with overnight data collected from households in all the 6 major urban cities across the country.

The NUTAM service is based on a 1,500 HH panel, representing a universe of 7,260,728 national urban TV homes. The 6 major urban cities include North and Central Luzon (300 panel HHs), Metro Manila (400 HHs), South Luzon (300 HHs), Visayas (300 HHs) and Mindanao (200 HHs). The NUTAM service was well received by the launch attendees, who included top executives from media agencies and 2 major broadcasters.

AGB Nielsen Media Research also took this opportunity to launch its Metropolitan cities (MCTAM) TV ratings service and to make the industry aware that they were re-branding their current Mega Manila panel to MegaTAM.

The MCTAM service, based on a 350 household panel representing a universe of 589,408 TV households, covers the key metropolitan cities in the urban regions which are considered as the important economic centres within the Philippines. These centres include Metro Cebu (150 panel HHs); Iloilo (100 HHs) and Metro Davao (100 HHs).

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