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20/1/2004 - Italy

AGB Italia renews ratings contract with Auditel  - 20/10/2004

Auditel, the italian Joint Industry Committee responsible for TAM data supply, has renewed its contract with AGB Italia for a further 7 years as of the 1st of January 2004 till the 31st of December 2010.


AGB Nielsen Media Research S.r.l. agrees with Auditel the substitution of the entire fleet of meters, with UNITAM - 10/12/2005

Last December, Auditel and AGB Nielsen Media Research signed an agreement which provides for the substitution of the models of peoplemeter at 5188 households' homes with UNITAM, the new meter which recognizes the channel by the 'audio matching technique' which means by the comparison of the digitized audio tracks.


AGB Nielsen Media Research S.r.l. removal  - July 2008

On July 2008 the company moves from Via Lattuada, 9 to Viale Angelo Filippetti, 37 in Milan.



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